British newspapers online, 1901-1950

These newspaper archives are all available to individuals, whether for free or on a pay basis. Other archives exist which are available to institutional subscribers only; please check your library for more information. They are all from Britain, including Ireland up to 1922. Unless given in the title or otherwise indicated, the place of publication is London. See also the discussions here and here.

Please note: I am unable to provide access to any of these newspapers.

Last update: 2 October 2013.

England -- London

Action! 1936 to 1940
AJR Information from 1946 (free)
American Register and Anglo-colonial World 1909 to 1914
American Register and the Morning News to 1915
American Register and Anglo-American and Colonial News 1903 to 1904

Black And White to 1904
Blackshirt 1933 to 1939

Catholic Herald from 1935 (free)
Charity Record to 1904
Church Times
Church Weekly to 1902
County Courts Chronicle to 1904
Course Of The Exchange to 1904
Cymro A'r Celt Llundain 1907 to 1910 (free)

Daily Express
Daily Mail to 1904
Daily Mirror from 1903
Daily Worker 1930 to 1945

Echo to 1904
Evening News and Evening Mail to 1905, to 1918, 1902, 1904

Fascist Week 1933 to 1934
Flight from 1909 (free)
The Freewoman 1911 to 1912 (free)

Guardian 1901

Hackney Express And Shoreditch Observer to 1904

Jewish Chronicle

Kentish Mail and Greenwich & Deptford Observer 1908 to 1909

Lloyds Weekly News 1903 to 1904
Lloyds Weekly Newspaper to 1902
London And China Telegraph to 1904
London Gazette (free)
London Kelt to 1904 (free)
London Welshman 1905 to 1906 (free)

M.A.P. to 1911
The Mercury to 1904
Middlesex Gazette to 1913, 1912 and 1913
Mid-Surrey Times and General Advertiser to 1904
The Monitor and New Age 1912

The New Age 1907 to 1922 (free)
North Middlesex Standard 1901, 1901
North Middlesex Weekly Standard 1901

Primrose League Gazette to 1904

Smith's Weekly 1904 to 1905, 1904 to 1907
The Spectator (free)
The Standard to 1916
St James's Gazette to 1905

Temperance Caterer to 1904
Tongues Of Fire to 1904
The Times

Votes for Women 1907 to 1916 (free)
The Vote for Women's Freedom 1909 to 1930 (free)

Westminster Budget to 1904

England -- provincial

Alnwick and County Gazette 1912

Bath Chronicle
Bedfordshire Advertiser (Luton) to 1914
Berwickshire News (Berwick-upon-Tweed) to 1904
Bucks Herald (Aylesbury) to 1909
Burnley Express to 1904

Cambridge Independent Press 1913
Cheltenham Chronicle
Cheltenham Looker-On to 1920
The Citizen (Gloucester)
Cornishman (Penzance)
Coventry Evening Telegraph to 1918
Coventry Herald 1911
Cymro (Liverpool) to 1919 (free)

Daily Mail (Hull)
Derby Daily Telegraph
Derbyshire Times to 1903
Devon and Exeter Gazette from 1902
Dover Express to 1949

Edmonton and Tottenham Weekly Guardian to 1904
Essex County Chronicle
Essex Newsman (Chelmsford)
Evening News (Portsmouth) to 1904

Gloucester Journal
Gloucestershire Echo (Cheltenham) from 1932
Grantham Journal to 1914

Hastings and St Leonards Observer to 1912
Hereford Times 1918 to 1934
Herts Advertiser (St Albans) 1925

Kent & Sussex Courier (Tunbridge Wells) to 1939

Leamington Spa Courier to 1913
Leeds Times 1901
Lichfield Mercury
Lincoln, Rutland and Stamford Mercury (Stamford) to 1912
Lincolnshire Echo (Lincoln) to 1911
Lincolnshire Chronicle (Lincoln) to 1904
Liverpool Echo 1911 to 1918
Louth and North Lincolnshire Advertiser 1910
Luton News and Bedfordshire Advertiser 1950

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser to 1916
Manchester Evening News to 1917
Morpeth Herald 1902 to 1948

Newcastle Daily Journal 1910 to 1916
North Devon Journal (Barnstaple)
Northampton Mercury to 1904
Nottingham Evening Post to 1944

Reading Mercury, Oxford Gazette, Newbury Herald and Berks County Paper to 1903

Sheffield Daily Telegraph to 1911
Sheffield Evening Telegraph to 1904
Shields Daily Gazette (South Shields) to 1904
South Eastern Gazette (Maidstone) to 1912
Sowerby Bridge News to 1904 (free)
Staffordshire Sentinel (Stoke On Trent) 1912
Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette to 1904
Surrey Mirror (Reigate) 1902 to 1915

Tamworth Herald
Taunton Courier
Tunbridge Wells Gazette to 1939

West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser (Truro) 1907 to 1912
Western Daily Press (Bristol) to 1949
Western Gazette (Yeovil)
Western Morning News from 1921 (Plymouth)
Western Times (Exeter)
Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald to 1904
Worcestershire Chronicle (Worcester) to 1903

Yorkshire Evening Post (Leeds) to 1903
Yorkshire Gazette (York) 1913
Yorkshire Post (Leeds) 1933 to 1945

Ireland/Northern Ireland

The Anglo-Celt (Cavan)
Belfast Gazette (free)
Butte Independent 1910 to 1930
Connacht Tribune (Galway) from 1909
Connaught Telegraph (Castlebar)
Donegal News
Evening Telegraph (Dublin) 1901
The Freeman's Journal (Dublin) to 1924
Irish Independent (Dublin) from 1905
Irish Times (Dublin)
The Kerryman (Tralee) from 1904
Kildare Observer (Naas) to 1935 (free)
Leitrim Observer (Carrick-on-Shannon) from 1904
Limerick Leader from 1905
Longford Leader
Meath Chronicle (Navan)
Munster Express (Waterford) from 1908
Nenagh Guardian
Nenagh News to 1924
Southern Star (Skibbereen)
Sunday Independent (Dublin) from 1906
Tuam Herald
Ulster Herald (Omagh)
Westmeath Examiner (Mullinagar)


Aberdeen Evening Express 1914 to 1918
Aberdeen Journal
Arbroath Herald and Advertiser for the Montrose Burghs to 1906
Dundee Courier
Edinburgh Gazette (free)
Edinburgh Evening News to 1932
Evening Post (Dundee) 1901 to 1905
Evening Telegraph (Dundee)
Falkirk Herald to 1904
Glasgow Herald (free)
Inverness Courier 1928 to 1930 (see also)
Motherwell Times and General Advertiser 1904 to 1924
The Post/Sunday Post (Glasgow) from 1915
The Scotsman (Edinburgh)
Southern Reporter (Selkirk) to 1927


Aberdare Times to 1902 (free)
Aberdare Leader 1902 to 1919 (free)
Aberystwyth Observer 1902 to 1910 (free)
Brython Cymreig (Lampeter) to 1910 (free)
Cambrian (Swansea) to 1910 (free)
Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard (Aberystwyth) to 1919 (free)
Cardiff Times (free)
Celt (Bala) to 1907 (free)
Dydd (Dolgellau) to 1910 (free)
Goleuad (Dolgellau) to 1910 (free)
Gwyliedydd (Rhyl) to 1908 (free)
Lials Llafur (Swansea) 1914 to 1919 (free)
Llangollen Advertiser and North Wales Journal to 1908 (free)
Merthyr Pioneer (Merthyr Tydfil) 1914 to 1919 (free)
Montgomeryshire Express and Radnor Times (Newtown) to 1910 (free)
North Wales Express (Caernarfon) to 1910 (free)
North Wales Weekly News (Colwyn Bay) 1909 to 1910 (free)
Papur Pawb (Caernarfon) to 1910 (free)
Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser (Haverfordwest) to 1910 (free)
Prestatyn Weekly 1905 to 1910 (free)
Rhyl Journal to 1910 (free)
Rhyl Record and Advertiser to 1910 (free)
Seren Cymru (Carmarthen) to 1910 (free)
South Wales Daily Post (Swansea) to 1910 (free)
Swansea Gazette and Daily Shipping Register 1909 to 1910 (free)
Tarian Y Gweithiwr (Aberdare) to 1910 (free)
Weekly News and Visitors' Chronicle For Colwyn Bay (Conwy) to 1907 (free)
Weekly Mail (Cardiff) to 1910 (free)

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17 thoughts on “British newspapers online, 1901-1950

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  7. mahima chandra

    plz add the names of 5 important newspapers of british period of india plz just now i want your help to complete my project

  8. Maria P.

    Good afternoon,
    Talking about newspapers in the period between two wars, may be you know as well any British journals/newspapers on art published from 1920s to 1930s? or, are there any sources where I can find lists of this type of press?

  9. Post author

    Unlike the previous request, this does fall within my purview (if they were more newspaper than journal, which is admittedly a bit fuzzy but I define as daily/weekly vs monthly or more). But I’m afraid I don’t know of any. Some of the newspapers listed above may commented on the art scene (The New Age had a regular art column, though it ceased publication in 1922) but that is probably not what you’re after. Sorry I can’t help — it would be better to ask somebody more plugged into art history than I am.

  10. Hi Maria,
    Not knowing where you’re posting from, I can’t be very precise, but I would talk to the archivist of your local state art gallery, they’ll be up on what was published and what has been digitised (if anything).

    If I were looking I’d talk to the Royal Academy, London, and locally the National Gallery of Victoria for examples / starters.

    One definitely in the area:

    You’ll probably need to specify what kind of art you’re interested in as well, as there was a remarkable number of publications in that era, all competing for different splinter groups of what their hoped-for-readers regarded as the only art worth knowing…

    Hope that helps,

  11. The Prince in not Royal, think of it Diana was an Outlaw and so is Kate, the boy is English YES, the Boy is British YES, The boy is Prince YES, Is the boy Royal NO.

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  14. Hi I have found two news papers from 1907, one is called the Tatler and the other is called the Sketch, I want to know if they firstly are of any value? and secondly who would have interest in them as I do not know how to take care of them, yours sincerely Leish Wong

  15. Post author

    The Tatler is still around, while the Sketch folded in 1959. Both were aimed at an upper-class and even aristocratic market. They will of course have some historical value; I have no idea as to their financial value, but I’m sure they’d attract some interest if you put them on eBay.

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